Great service from Down East!

Reverse Osmosis

We contacted Down East Clean Water (Ron Carrier) when we were having some issues with our whole house reverse osmosis system. Ron was very professional and came over to verify the issues in a prompt manner. Once the issues were discovered, Ron worked diligently to resolve the problems for us. He is very knowledgeable and will go the extra mile for the customer (staying late and weekends). We are extremely satisfied with Down East Clean Water and will continue to reach out to them for our future needs.

Julie & Jamie R.

Prompt attention and excellent service

Through a routine water test, it was discovered that there was arsenic in our tap water. This was surprising, because, although we are on a well, we have a water treatment system that is supposed to remove it.

After a number of frustrating attempts to find someone with the expertise to resolve this, I was finally referred to “Down East Clean Water”.  Ron responded very quickly, and promptly implemented a solution.  Thankfully, our water is again safe to drink.

What most impressed me about Ron is that he appears to be committed to continuously improving his technical know-how, along with his ability to provide excellent service. In the process of finding the “best fix” for my issue, he sought additional expertise where he needed it, found the most efficient solution, and kept me informed through all of it. I wish this level of customer care was more common.

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Great Water Softener and NO Chlorine!


Our family has had our Hague Watermax whole home water treatment filter operating on municipal water for 4 years now and we have found it to be an excellent purchase. Our water and ice cubes taste much better than bottled water and some family members skin problems have gotten markedly better. It is comforting to know that our family is enjoying clean and chlorine free water. The water filter itself has been problem and maintenance free yet Ron still periodically checks up on us to make sure that there are no questions or concerns. Customer service has been excellent!

Heather and Pierre L.

Thank You for your Patience and Great Service!

This is to let you know about the service and product that we purchased from Ron Carrier. We got one of the Hague models to help out with our hard water problem. Ron was very knowledgeable about his product and did not oversell us with additional functions that we didn’t need.

I was a very tough customer as we already had a soft water system that was nearing its end use, so, I wanted to make sure that the new model gave us the same or better product than what we were use to. Ron had to come back 2 or 3 times for fine tuning and he did so via phone and in person with a smile on his face every time. He even spent some time explaining the water testing process to my 12-year old niece who was asking him question after question about why the samples were changing different colors.

Thank you Ron, very much, for your patience and great service.

Carol & Frank Bourque

Soft Water and NO Chlorine!

Hello Ron – A quick follow up to thank-you for our clean water. As you know, although our city water is pretty good, we wanted to get rid of the chlorine smell and hardness.

After 4 months of use, we can attest that the Hague WaterMax system you installed has done exactly this and we are extremely pleased with the results. No more deposits on the taps/kettle etc and, Cheryl actually now likes drinking a pure glass of water, (she used to always “dilute” it with juice to get rid of the taste).

We also appreciate the over the phone support you provided fine tuning the backwash settings. The Watermax interface is easy to use and I love the fact I can adjust in the future if our needs change.

Thank-you once again,

Yves, Cheryl, and young Everett

A solution for our iron and sulfur issues

When searching for a solution for our iron and sulfur issues, I was cautioned by a water treatment salesperson that most water treatment systems are alike and that the real difference from provider to provider is customer service. Although he didn’t say that himself, Ron Carrier has certainly proved this point.

From day one, he has provided outstanding customer service. I don’t think I’ve ever had a service provider, of any type or industry, go to his level of attention to detail, product knowledge and hands-on follow-up with the best interest of the customer in mind. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is absolutely legitimate – Ron has made sure that we always felt comfortable and happy with our decision to go with Down East Clean Water; right from our first call to the ongoing support he has offered. Ron is a true pro – clean, well dressed, on-time, intelligent and humorous, and from what I can see, not afraid to take extra time to make sure things are right.

We had Ron install a Hague Watermax in our home. The system offers peace of mind in that it’s specially configured with the correct filtering media (by Ron), based on the exact condition of your water (tested by Ron). The system is quiet and compact. Iron and sulfur troubles have been eliminated for good, it seems. Our faucets and appliances have been saved! I grinned like an idiot the first time I was able to drink water straight from the tap. I don’t know if Ron will remember that (he probably sees it every day, owing to his expertise) but I certainly will.

The actual install was expertly done as well. Ron made sure to install an air-gap component to the backwash plumbing which would prevent a septic backflow into our system in case of crisis – something the other providers either weren’t aware of, or straight-up wanted to avoid (time is money, after-all). I couldn’t be happier with the results.

If service is the real difference when it comes to water treatment, please let Ron show you how a service provider should really operate. You won’t be disappointed.


First home and water problems

Upon purchasing our first home we found problems with the water including staining, hard water, high Manganese, and high Arsenic levels. Expecting our first baby our concern led us to Down East Clean Water for a professional opinion. Not only did Ron Carrier guarantee the removal of Arsenic, he also recommended we keep our existing softener by performing a service. What a savings! Down East Clean Water installed a Hague Reverse Osmosis system which supplies all the drinking and cooking water we need free from Arsenic. The Hague unit was installed in the basement by the water system and saved the storage space under the kitchen sink. Down East pricing was very reasonable and they even call to remind us of the annual services required. We have always felt confident in the service and love their 100% satisfaction guarantee. We would recommend Down East Clean Water to anyone needing a healthy choice for their water supply, and we know our little one who turned 3, (and ourselves), are healthy and happy. Thanks to Ron and Down East Clean Water!

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